Saturday June 4th 2022, 10 am to 5 pm, the fae folk of the kingdom of LaFete present the 9th Annual Festival of Faerie; a fairy-tale festival that promotes, encourages, and develops storytelling skills by offering a community event that spans both Eastern and Western cultures. The festival provides activities for adults and children of all ages; this is a celebration of art and imagination with an eclectic mix of theatrical performances. There are visual arts, music, dance, live-steel sword play, and questing, it is with these activities that the fae folk of LaFete encourage and support re-discovering the arts and the art of living. Strap on your wings, gird your armor, put on your elfish ears and join us….let your imagination take flight!

What if it rains?! Don’t worry, we have a rain date of Sunday June 5th!

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