¬†June 5, 2021, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the fae folk of the kingdom of LaFete present the 9th Annual Festival of Faerie (Festival Plaza, 311 S. Public Road, Lafayette, CO).¬† Festival of Faerie promotes, encourages, and develops storytelling skills by offering a community event that spans both Eastern and Western cultures. Put on your elven ears, slip into your wings, gird on your armor and be swept away into imagination and magic. Our theme this year Groovin’ in the Groove.

As you travel through the Kingdom of LaFete will you join in the parade, (10 a.m. start), or have tea with a Fae? Will you see a Giant or unicorn race with the finest unicorns in the land? Will you beat the drums with Fae creators, then skip off with a Leprechaun or Dragon? Wear your fantasy finest and dance with us through the day!

Be astonished by huge bubbles, giggle with the fae, and meet the Playfully High Giants, dance in a circle dance, and be a part of the magic of LaFete. You’ll find plenty of free and paid activities for all.

Faeries, treasure hunting, costume contests, door prizes, and tea with the Fae, Excitement, Adventure! All this wrapped up in fun and magic at the Festival of Faerie in the Kingdom of LaFete. Adventure and Magick await! A Questing party is forming — don’t be late!


Festival of Faerie is presented by the Rocky Mountain Cultural Exchange.

If you’re a vendor, performer, participant, human being who can type, or talk, we want to hear from you! Below, you’ll see ways to contact us. It might look a little funny, but we don’t use the at symbol in our info in order to discourage spam. If you are human, you’ll know what to do.

Contact us rockymcexchange(at)gmail(dot).com.

You can like us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FestivalofFaerie/. Email is info(at)festivaloffaerie(dot)com.